Piano TuitionMillie

I teach piano to children and adults, from absolute beginner to more advanced levels. I have started children as young as 5 and up to 75+. Some students work towards ABRSM exams and others learn just for fun. Whichever route you decide to take, the overall structure and content of the lessons will be generally the same.

Lesson Structure

I strongly believe in the importance of being a well rounded musician and regardless of whether or not a student is working towards an exam, it is for this reason that I try to include as many elements of musicianship into my teaching as possible.


Scales are an important part of the practice routine as they help the player to navigate around their instrument, whilst at the same time improving dexterity and providing an understanding of keys and other elements of music theory. They also provide a useful warm up to practice.

Technical Exercises

Technical exercises can be used in conjuction with scales as a warm up to practice but are also much more than that. They focus on a particular area or element of playing and help to master a particular technique before trying it in the context of a piece.

Sight reading & improvisation

Ask anyone why they learnt to play a musical instrument and the answer will probably be to gain enjoyment playing pieces of music they like. Becoming a good sight reader opens up so many doors to a player and means you can pick up almost any piece of music and play it in some form. Sight reading is a skill that takes a lot of dedication and practice but when encorporated into an every day practice routine it develops quite quickly. Improvisation can help ain and understanding of musical elements such as keys, tonal relationships and structure and can also help build confidence through experimenting and risk taking.

Aural & General MusicianshipLayla lesson

Again, aural skills and general musicianship are areas that need to be practiced in order to develop. When practiced regularly as part of a lesson a musician’s overall playing improves. There is much more to being a good musician than just playing the notes and it is these skills that help make the difference.

I believe that a good music lesson and practice routine should include some element of all of these skills and not just for students who are taking exams and practising for the test. Whilst there are always time limitations on a lesson and it would be impossible to include everything every lesson, I will try to cover all of these areas over a series of lessons.


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