Music Theory

Lindsey TheoryMusic Theory is an essential part of learning a musical instrument and I will always recommend learning it alongside the instrument. I believe learning an instrument and having an understanding of Music theory should always go hand in hand as one informs the other so regardless of whether or not students are working towards an exam, I will generally cover music theory as part of the lesson every week anyway. Some students however have lessons with me just on music theory. This could be because they want to have an understanding of music without learning an instrument, or more commonly, because they need to have the grade 5 theory under their belt and do not cover it with their own instrumental teacher. Whatever the situation, I will do my best to help you through.

I will work through the ABRSM theory graded books with you and at the end of each grade will go through some practice exam papers to help consolidate what the you have learnt. I am able to offer a variety of different strategies to help learn and work out the different elements covered in the syllabus.


A student is able to work towards and take up to Grade 5 in their instrument without having to demonstrate any knowledge in Music Theory. However, in order to take the grade 6 exam in any instrument, the student first has to pass the Grade 5 Music Theory exam and this is where many students often come to a hault. This is one of the reasons why I recommend learning theory from day one and continue it hand in hand with the instrument. I have a 100% pass rate with theory exams as I always aim to ensure that the student is fully prepared before entering them.

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