Jude from under!Piano Lesson Testimonials

“We searched for months to find a local Piano teacher who was willing to teach a 6 year old. Then we found Jude and 2 1/2 years on we couldn’t be happier. Our daughter has progressed so well in her lessons, performed with confidence in concerts and talent shows and her and Jude have a really nice relationship. Our daughter still loves playing Piano and looks forward to her lessons. We highly recommend Jude to anyone, any age who wants to learn the Piano.”

Rosie (parent of grade 1 Piano student)

“In order to achieve proficiency with any musical instrument, a considerable amount of practice is required. The problem with practising is one of motivation. I have been receiving lessons for some little while now and have found that Jude manages to encourage and engender sufficient enthusiasm to motivate me to practice. That surely is the essence of a good teacher.”

Glyn (Adult Piano Student)

“She’s patient and has a kind voice. She’s really nice and doesn’t push me. If I make a mistake she doesn’t get cross. She just says ‘ok, lets try that again’”

Millie (aged 9)

“Jude is a lovely teacher to my daughter Millie. She is very patient with her, as she is easily distracted by anything and everything, stopping to tell stories half way through a piece of Music! She gently encourages and motivates her during a lesson when Millie is feeling tired after school, and is always positive about Millie’s playing, even when mistakes are made.”

Charlotte (parent of Piano student)

“My daughter Catherine started having Piano lessons with Jude when she was 9 years old. She is now 16 and has achieved a Merit at grade 5. She thoroughly enjoys her lessons and gets on well with Jude.”

Jill (parent of Grade 5 Piano student)

Cello Lesson Testimonials

Jude cello group“Jude has encouraged me to explore different techniques, and to take part in her Adult Cello Group and Annual Concert -  all MOST enjoyable.”

Fiona (Adult Cello student)

“As a very mature student I’m allowed to supply my own learning materials and don’t have to take exams! I also really enjoy the cello ensemble.”

Anni (Adult Cello Student)